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My name is Roland, my friends call me Owec. I have been drawing since young age. In my teenage years I started doing graffiti – it was a new colorful world, a way to express yourself. Even though art was always part of my life, I never expected to make a living out of it.

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I graduated from University with a focus on management and marketing. I spent a couple of years working in an office and decided to change my career path to devote myself to art professionally in form of tattooing. I completed a tattoo course and later on traveled to Canada, Calgary, where I spent almost 2 years. I´d been learning and gained more experience. Soon I became the leading tattoo artist in the shop hosting five other artists. I have attended several seminars in drawing and tattooing, such as drawing portraits. After returning back to Slovakia I opened my first professional tattoo studio - 3DE Tattoo.

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My mission

For me tattoos are an art form so I am trying to create unique designs every time. While making custom concepts for my clients I never tattoo the same design twice. My mission is to make quality tattoos.

3DE Tattoo studio

3DE Tattoo is a professional tattoo studio that meets all hygienic requirements and is operated in sterile, clean and safe environment. Safety is first. All supplies and material used for your tattoo including needles, colors, etc. are disposable. We use state-of-the-art equipment and colors to ensure the best quality of your tattoo that will last…

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Tattoo course

Chceš sa naučiť tetovať? Ušetri kamošom ich zdravú pokožku a radšej sa poď pozrieť, ako sa to správne robí. Získaj cenné skúsenosti a knowledge, kurz zakončený certifikátom. Ak máš talent, pekne kreslíš a myslíš, že na to máš, kontaktuj ma na 0950 307 658 alebo Teším sa na spoluprácu!

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viac o kurze:

Do you want to learn how to tattoo? Get valuable experience and knowledge, course  ending with certificate. If you have talent, draw good and you think you have it, contact me at +421 950 307 658 or I'm looking forward to our cooperation!

More about the tattoo course:

Type: individual course - one on one

Length: 2 weeks - Tattooing is a very complex industry so 2 weeks is minimum in my opinion. What can I learn: complete know-how. Preparation of design, communication with client, set-up, preparing/applying the stencil, hygiene, sterilization, what colors/machine/power supply to use, etc...   

Techniques: lining/coloring/shading, tattooing on artificial skin and more.

Price: 800 € - stunning price compared to some 2 day seminars 

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If you want to learn something, you need a good lector. I was making my own research abut the tattoo courses in Slovakia. I was looking through many artist until I found Roland. His work just blew my mind. I knew nothing about tattooing. Roland taught me everything about safety and how to make quality tattoos. I was practicing on artificial tattoo skin and finally on my client. Thanks to this tattoo course I can work in this amazing industry and create art. Thank you Roland.

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I recommend the tattoo course at 3DE Tattoo. It´s the best choice for beginner tattoo artists. The good thing about the course is that it last several days so you learn continually every day. You´ll learn about the workplace safety, how to prepare the whole set-up, design elaboration, working with tattoo machine and many more. I was very satisfied with the course.

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I can only recommend this course, many new experiences, professional approach to work, I am glad that I could participate in the course. Thank you for a lot of knowledge and a great team.


My work

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